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Manufacturing Facilities

img1Our Tape Stretching Lines from LOHIA CORP LIMITED have been developed to produce PP/HDPE tapes for many applications such as Woven/Knitted Bags, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), Carpet Backing, Tarpaulins, Wrapping Fabrics, Jumbo Bags and many more. High Speed Tape Stretching Lines incorporate state-of-the-art technology. The tape extrusion lines are designed to meet the highest performance and quality requirement with maximum efficiency and flexibility while using minimum raw material and energy. The monthly capacity of the plant to produce the tape is 300MT.

We have 40 Nos of Nova 6 Looms especially designed to weave high quality fabric suitable for a variety of packaging applications viz. cement, plastic granules, chemicals, fertilizers etc. and for covering fabrics including tarpaulin.
The tension of warp tapes is regulated via load cell type positive in-feed system, supplied as standard with the machine which produces fabric of improved quality. Speed of inlet rollers is regulated during weaving as per set tension. The surface winder for fabric also has a load cell assisted drive to ensure uniform winding tensions of the fabric throughout the build. The total monthly capacity of these looms is around 3.2 Million meters/month.


Working Width Capacity
Double flat 48 to 70 cm Weft insertion rate 1000 per minute
Special version possible 30 to 48 cm & 70 to 85 cm Weft density 20-60 per 10 cm
No. of shuttles 6 No. of tapes 576
Warp Bobbin Weft Bobbin
Internal diameter 35 mm Internal diameter 35 mm
Length of core 218 mm Length of core 218 mm
Max. bobbin diameter 160 mm Max. bobbin diameter 115 mm
Length of traverse 200 mm Length of traverse 200 mm
Creel Capacity Fabric Winder
Bobbins per machine 576 Max. roll diameter 1500 mm
We have 3 Bag Conversion Lines (BCS) from LOHIA CORP LIMITED

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developed for producing bottom folded and sewn woven sack made from roll of tubular woven PP/HDPE fabric. BCS 850/45 model from Lohia is a high speed machine suitable for conventional bag application and is designed for cross cutting the tubular fabric, bottom folding, sewing and stacking. This new generation machine with servo and PLC controls is designed for fabric width upto 850 mm and with speeds upto 45 bags/min. depending upon material, width of the fabric, number of folds, stitches etc. Following advantages make these bags making machines the best choice.
State of the art automated functions result in consistent quality of end product
i.e. cut & sewn bags.
Reduced space requirement for converting the roll of fabric to the finished bag.
Reduced manpower requirement for producing the same quantity of bags.

1600-mm-LaminationJP 80 CR 1600 is designed for coating of LDPE on HDPE fabric and PP on PP Woven fabric, with coating width ranging from 800 mm to 1500 mm and thickness of LDPE film from 20 microns to 80 microns.
The plant consists of following equipments:

  • 80 mm Extruder with Main Motor AC.
  • Screen Changer with adaptor.
  • Carriage (Forward/Reverse) & (UP/Down)
  • 1650mm T’Die (Coat Hanger Type)
  • Unwinder Mechanical Two station with Edge Guiding System.(Overhead Crane to be arranged by customer for smooth handling of rolls/materials)
  • Laminator Unit with AC Motor.
  • Turn Bar Arrangement.
  • Manual Edge Trimming
  • Winder Turret with AC Motor.
  • AC Drive Control Panel.
  • Temperature Control Panel


Material Nitrided Nitro Alloy Steel
Screw diameter 80 MM.
L/D Ratio 30 : 1
LDPE-160 to 180 kg/hr maximum & PP-140 to 160 kg/hr maximum for PP depending upon coating thickness, substrate width, type of raw material and
processing conditions.
Barrel Cooling System
Jacketed water cooling system on feed zone. All barrel
zones cooling by 0.18 KW blower on each zone
Heating Zones
4 Nos
Heating Load
24 KW
Reduction Gearbox
Helical type with inbuilt thrust bearing housing designed to withstand thrust developed during extrusion
img4We have 2 Nos of Polygraph Printing Technologies Ltd make 6 Colour Flexographic Automatic Bag printing and cutting machine of capacity 2 lac bags/day.

We hve 1 No Datta Ahemdabad make bag to bag printing machine having capacity 0.5 Lacs bag per day.

We have 10 Nos Stichman Ahemadabad make manual stitching machines having capacity 1.5 Lacs bag per day for bottom, top and valve stitching.


  • Bale press machine
  • Manual Fabric cutting Tables
  • Weighing Scales
  • Manual printing machine
  • Lamination Machine : J P Extrusion
  • Gravimetric Dosing Mixer : Prasad Group
  • Hot Air Dryer : Prasad Group


  • Microprocessor based Tensile testing machine up to 2500N
  • Weighing scale for denier testing.
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Muffle Furnace
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